The European Photography Award was established in 2004 by European art universities and schools. In its current form, it has been existing since 2011. The aim of the award is to distinguish outstanding photographic works by B.A. and M.A. students from the participating institutions. ▶ CONTACT

Each year, a jury consisting of faculty members selects two awardees who receive 2'000 and 1'000 Euro, respectively. The award is thematically open and not confined to any technical or stylistic area.

PARTICIPATING INSTITUTIONS Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences / École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) / Fondazione Fotografia Modena / Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) / Royal College of Art (London) / Zurich University of the Arts

WINNER 2017 Zoe Paterniani WEBSITE

SHORTLIST Pauline Bauvin & Robin Brass, Morena Buser, Victoire Eouzan, Isabelle Levadoux, Verónica Losantos, Jonas Mlejnek, Zoe Paterniani, Scarlett Platel, Patrick Pollmeier, Patrycja Konstancja Rozwora, Anna Stüdeli, Viviana Vitale

JURY Roman Bezjak (Bielefeld), Vincent Zedelius & Johannes Schwartz (Amsterdam), Alice Bergomi & Claudia Löffelholz (Modena), Marianne Mueller (Zurich), Christophe Bourguedieu (Paris), Olivier Richon & Sarah Jones (London), Vincent Zedelius (Amsterdam)

WINNER 2016 Mika Sperling WEBSITE

SHORTLIST Po Cheng Liao, Sara Vighi, Ida Quilvin, Jae-Hee Schin, Brunco/Reden, Kataryna Snitzko, Marilou Poncin, Nemo Nonnenmacher, Thomas Baumgartner, Lucas Ziegler, Tim Culmann, Julius Stuckmann, Nicola Lamburov, Orlando Myxx, Vytautas Kumza

JURY Katharina Bosse & Axel Grünewald (Bielefeld), Vincent Zedelius (Amsterdam), Claudia Löffelholz & Alice Bergomi (Modena), Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier (Zurich), Christophe Bourguedieu (Paris), Hermione Wiltshire (London), Vincent Zedelius (Amsterdam), External Jury Member: Frank Schumacher (Lette Verein Berlin)

WINNER 2015 Juliette Angotti ▶ WEBSITE

Axel Grünewald (Bielefeld), Vincent Zedelius (Amsterdam), Claudia Löffelholz (Modena), Marianne Müller (Zurich), Christophe Bourguedieu (Paris), Hermione Wiltshire (London)

WINNER 2014 Silje Lovise Gjertsen ▶ WEBSITE

JURY Axel Grünewald & Roman Bezjak (Bielefeld), Olivier Richon & Sarah Jones (London), Marianne Müller & Jörg Scheller (Zurich), Christian Courrèges & Christophe Bourguedieu (Paris), Ine Lamers & Anna de Jong (Amsterdam)

WINNER 2013 Clement le Penven

JURY Roman Bezjak (Bielefeld), Sarah Jones (London), Marianne Müller & Jörg Scheller (Zurich), Christophe Bourguedieu & Julie Jones (Paris), Ine Lamers & Johannes Schwartz (Amsterdam)